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Orange Gardens, un lieu innovant

dimanche 14 janvier 2018, par B. Boureau

Dans le cadre du projet Erasmus, les 3e1 ont eu la chance de visiter l’entreprise Orange Gardens et de rencontrer des professionnels.
Deux élèves ont rédigé un compte-rendu en anglais :

On Tuesday January 9th, we went to « Orange gardens », a site devoted to research and innovation thanks to Carole Brunel. It was in Chatillon, not far from Versailles.

First, we attended a presentation of the company Orange. Now, we know that it is in 29 countries for example. We had a nice exchange with professionnals : an engineer talked about the studies she made and her professionnal experience. At the end of this presentation, we had a bag with a notebook and some candies.

After, we were divided into two groups. One group went to the « third place » (a place between the workplace and home) : it’s a place where employees can create things with many tools and machines like a 3D printer. The second group went to the anecoic room, a metallic box where there is no noise or no phone waves. It is used to make tests before commerciliazing the product

Inès and Bastien.

the anecoic room