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Quiz on the 2012 summer Paralympic Games.

mardi 20 novembre 2012 par B. Boureau

1) How many sports were there in the 2012 summer Paralympic Games ?

a)15 sports.
b)20 sports.
c)30 sports.

2) How many athletes were there in the 2012 summer Paralympic Games ?

a)4200 athletes.
b)1000 athletes.
c)2814 athletes.

3) Where did the Paralympic Games take place ?

a)In Paris.
b)In Rio.
c)In London.

4) How many Paralympic Games were held before these ?

a)13 before it.
b)10 before it.
c)15 before it.

5) How many countries were represented there ?

a)187 countries.
b)164 countries.
c)145 countries.

6) Which country received the most medals ?

a)South Africa.
b)The United States of America.

7) In which sport did the Brazilian athlete Daniel Dias won six golden medals ?

a)In basketball.
b)In swimming.
c)In BMX.

8) What is his handicap ?

a)He doesn’t have hands and foot.
b)He doesn’t have arms.
c)He doesn’t have legs and hands.

9) How long did the Paralympic Games last ?

a)15 days.
b)8 days.
c)11 days.

10) From which day to which day ?

a)29 August to 9 September.
b)28 July to 11 August.
c)26 January to 19 February.

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